Custom Size/Color Hand-Made Squidhammer Metal Ear Plugs (Matching Pair)


ATTENTION: To customize your unique pair of Squidhammer Metal Ear Plugs, you'll have to leave a note while checking out including your choice of wood species, logo color, and size. Example: "Walnut/Neon Green/16mm" or "Clear Resin/Green-Black/22mm" or "Maple/Plain-Burned/Half-Inch". If the specific style that you order is not already in stock, it will be created as soon as payment is received. Please choose from the list of styling options below.

Material/Wood: Cast Resin, Swirled Acrylic (Up To 16mm), Walnut, Maple, Cherry, Red Cedar, Padauk (Up To 19mm), Olivewood (Up To 16mm), Ebony (Up To 16mm), Purple Heart (Up To 22mm)

Logo Color: UV Blue, UV Green, UV Pink, UV Red, UV Orange, UV Yellow, Black, White, Metallic Blue, Metallic Green, Metallic Pink, Copper, Gold, Silver, Any Two Above Mixed, Plain Burned

Size: 1/4" - 1 1/4" (2G - 32mm)

For the best color contrast, try to match light-colored wood with a dark-colored logo. Or dark-colored wood with a light-colored logo.

Questions or confusion? Call or text 608-566-6638.