Squidhammer proudly calls Watertown, Wisconsin home. The band carved out its place in the midwest metal scene in 2018 with their debut album, ‘Power Removal Service’. In early 2018, the band took a road trip to Fort Worth, Texas and recorded the album with producer Russell Hollar in five days and headed straight back home. The album was released independently and has been lovingly accepted into the "favorites" category of many midwest headbangers who have shown so much support. Its tracks have been featured on local radio stations as well as several worldwide internet radio stations. One track has even been played on Sirius XM's Liquid Metal channel several times.

To ensure the band's availability, Squidhammer's founding member, Jake Schultz, has since adopted an open-door approach to the band lineup, meaning that members are free to come and go as they please, and contribute to studio recordings and live performances/tours at whichever level they feel comfortable. This has proven to ensure that only the most passionate, humble, and dedicated people are involved.

'Hail The Squid', the band's second studio project is currently being rolled out to the world via a series of single releases. Squidhammer is extremely excited to announce that the open-ended and ongoing collection is a Wisconsin collaborative effort. So far, under this series title, 12 planned tracks will feature 20+ vocalists from Wisconsin's top metal bands. This project is meant to help show everyone just what Wisconsin has to offer to the U.S. metal scene, as Squidhammer continues to tour the country. Squidhammer aims to attract more national and international acts to the great Wisconsin metal scene, benefiting everyone involved!


Check out the first Hail The Squid release, 'Hamrammr' ft Marq Pointer of H1Z1, on YouTube and Spotify!

Squidhammer is:
Ericka Schultz - vocals
Jake Schultz - guitars
Eric “Skeebo” Kjelland - drums
Joe Dunn - bass