Let us start off with a bit of Squid history. The Squidhammer Metal idea was formed in 2009 on a farm outside of Watertown, Wisconsin by Jake Hiller and Jake Schultz, the founding members. They had met by fate while both hanging out at a local fishing spot. It didn’t take long for them to decide that a jam session was in order. When the tunes started coming together on paper, they knew it was time to get drums and bass together. A few years, a lot more beers, and some really memorable parties went by and the band was starting to get a lot of local attention. It was time to move up the ladder a bit. They had already shared the stage with several national metal bands and even a couple international acts. So the Jakes decided they needed to secure a permanent, dedicated drummer and bassist in order to move forward. They eventually adopted local guitarist/bassist Scott Scharf in to the band. Shortly after, they were lucky enough to find youthful prodigy Brevin Becker to fill the drum throne. With this fresh blood line-up, the tunes were transformed into what you hear on the new debut album, ‘Power Removal Service’.

In early 2018, the band took a road trip to Texas and recorded the album in five days and headed straight back home. A few months were spent fine tuning all the sounds until complete satisfaction was achieved. Now it is out for the world to hear and the band is ready to hit the road. The future is looking fiery and very bright for Squidhammer Metal.

Band Line-up: Jake Hiller - vocals, Jake Schultz - guitars, Brevin Becker - drums, and Scott Scharf - bass