Damned Long Sleeve

$30.00 On Sale

In a classic case of "f around and find out", those faceless, nameless, irrelevant folks who tried to bring the Hammer down have surely joined the background at this point. We celebrate their departure from relevance with this bad ass new long sleeve, inked on all four sides with Squidhammer branding, song lyrics, and an image of Ericka that captures her funny spirit and style.

Our song 'Damned, Jaded, & Doomed' was written about some small town insecurities held by a few suffering wastes. You know who you are. You provoked and attacked us during a moment of vulnerability and grief. You tried to smear our name, and we turned it into something positive for Squidhammer. This song features guest vocal performances by Stephen Behrendt of Toxic Ruin and Leighton Thompson of Micawber. Two Wisconsin thrash/death heros who have teamed up with Ericka to lay down this scorcher of a track.

D,J,&D has been featured on The Jasta Show podcast with Jamey Jasta of Hatebreed and was also put on the Milwaukee Metal Fest 2023 compilation album. We were fortunate enough to be able to perform it live at Milwaukee Metal Fest 2023 in front of hundreds of people with Stephen joining us on stage. It's available on our four song EP, 'Hail the Squid - Part One: Hamrammr' from 2022. Pick up your copy here at (squidhedz.com)