Squidhammer - 'Hail The Squid Part One: Hamrammr' (2022 EP)

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'Hail The Squid Part One: Hamrammr' is the first of a series of collaborative Squidhammer releases to feature some of Wisconsin's most amazing and beloved vocalists who have been endlessly dedicated to building the Wisconsin metal scene for many years. Our own vocalist, Ericka, shares vocal performances on each track, accompanying the featured vocalists.


1. Hamrammr (ft. Metal Marq of H1Z1)
2. Damned, Jaded, and Doomed (ft. Leighton Thompson of Micawber and Stephen Behrendt of Toxic Ruin)
3. Drowning In Flames (ft. Kyle Fawley of Digital Remains)
4. Dirt Tan (ft. Dan Swanson formerly of Revolution-X)